I was introduced to Finance House Solutions Ltd through my accountants, I wanted to purchase a high value asset as an investment in Central London but had very tight deadlines in order to complete the transaction. Perminder came into my accountants office met with me explained the process and structured a strategy on how to proceed, he laid out the requirements and timeframes and then worked with my lawyer/accountant and the chosen lender to complete the deal within 3 weeks. He delivered on exactly what he promised  - MB (2023)


We started our real estate investment journey in 2018, although at the time of meeting Finance House Solutions Ltd we we were stuck in an expensive and restrictive short term loan. We had not previously used a broker who acted as a consultant but they immediately supported us and understood our requirements, we redeemed our existing loan and refinanced to a term facility, with funds released we purchased a second asset. Finance House Solutions Ltd provided development funding to complete a refurbishment which was then sold and the funds used to purchase over 12 acres of land with buildings, in the period that we have known Finance House Solutions Ltd our asset base has grown to over £6m in value. - RIC Homes Ltd & RIC Developments Ltd (2024)


Without Perminders involvement, guidance and attention to detail we were at risk of losing our entire investment portfolio. When we were let down by our architect who was project managing our development site, Perminder who had arranged the original funding stepped in explained the situation to the lender agreeing flexibility in terms, introduced us to a new construction partner and then on completion refinanced our entire portfolio in order to redeem our development facility ensuring we did not lose our assets - Harris Family (2018)


Our retail business declined over the pandemic period and we needed to diversify our product range, our existing bank were not helpful in supporting us with increased funding, Perminder helped build a business plan and presented to a specialist lender who without hesitation agreed a £150k funding line, allowing the business to take advantage of new product lines - Shivayya Ltd (2023)